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    for serving out Geospatial Intelligence to meet the growth demands of businesses and for effective governance & service delivery.
    Sulaiman is a Geospatial Solutions Specialist, Geomatics Engineer, Mapping Expert, Manager and Developer.

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About Us

Let's Meet

Hi, I'm Sulaiman Mosuro, an experienced Geomatics Manager, GIS & BIM Applications Engineer and GIS Developer. I provide Geospatial solutions and services with over a decade of work experience in the field of GIS, Geomatics, Application Development, Project Management and Database Administration, a MSc. in GIS from the University of Edinburgh and an ESRI SAG award in ArcGIS Server administration.
I possess a strong technical competence on the utility of GIS in corporate decision support and strategic development. I employ my adept Automation Programming, Application Development and Database Management skills to deliver intuitive knowledge-based solutions fostering effective resource management and process automation.

Geomatics Specialist

Enterprise GIS & BIM Professional

Desktop, Mobile & Web Developer

Environmental Modeller

Upward of
40 projects sucessfully completed!

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What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

GIS, BIM & CAD Software

Versatile in the use of various GIS, Design & BIM Packages including ArcGIS, Autodesk AEC Collection, Hexagon Suites, MapInfo and Quantum GIS

Innovative Ideas

Strong analytical & innovative mind, enthusiastic to research, effective leadership, team & time management skills

Web GIS & Mobile Apps Developer

Adept in PHP, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, Angular, Node, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, Leaflet, Mapbox & OpenLayers. Mobile Apps developer on the Android SDK and React Native.

CAD/BIM Design & Geomatics Specialist

Highly skilled at drafting in AutoCAD Civil 3D, Competent in Field Survey (Topcon & Leica GNSS, Total Stations) & Survey data processing using MAGNET Project, Leica GeoOffice and Microsearch Geolab. Scan to BIM, Recap Pro, BIM360, MAGNET Collage etc.

Desktop Software Programming

Adeptness in programming on Java, Visual Basic, Visual Studio .NET and Python with specialty in applications automation and customization programming (including ArcObjects)

Flood Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modelling

Professional at Environmental Hazard / Flood Hydrologic & Hydraulic (H&H) Modelling using HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS Packages

GIS Solutions
Skill Sets
My Work

Work Gallery

Tax Monitoring Solution

A Geo-Dashboard for managing and mobitoring tax collection efforts on businesses

100 49

Assets Management

GIS asset management and reporting platform

100 49

Election Result Collation

Geo-portal integrated with mobile application for election result compilation and visualization

100 49

Incident Monitoring

Incident reporting and management dashboard

100 49

Tax Collection Mobile App

Mobile App for Tax enforcement reporting and dispatch routing

100 49

Incident Reporting App

Mobile App for location based field data collection

100 49

My Specialty

My Skills

I possess profound skills in Geomatics, GIS, BIM, Programming and Database Administration. I employ a mix of technologies including PHP, NodeJS, Angular, Javascript, HTML5, Python, PostgreSQL, POSTGIS, ASP.NET, CSS, Perl, GeoServer (employing jQuery and OpenLayers), Leaflet, Mapbox, Cesium 3D, MongoDB and Oracle as well as ESRI ArcGIS Server, Portal and Online offerings.
I develop custom automation applications for GIS and CAD task execution using Visual Basic, ArcObjects programming and Python scripting. I also develop android mobile applications for field data collection, event reporting, submitting data to online databases and disseminating time-series information as overlay maps, dynamic charts and textual data using Java, Android SDK and React Native.
I am a qualified and licensed Land Surveyor and Geomatics Specialist with sound skills in field and aerial survey equipment use. I am equally competent in various mapping, drafting and GIS packages including ArcGIS, FME, Intergraph suite, AutoCAD Civil 3D etc.

ArcGIS Desktop & Enterprise


PHP, HTML, CSS & Javascript


Java, Angular & Node


Field Survey, AutoCAD Civil 3D & BIM


PostgreSQL, POSTGIS & Oracle


Python, VB, Android SDK & React Native



University of Edinburgh United Kingdom, Sept 2011-Aug 2012

Dissertation Research focus on Flood Modelling, flow hydraulics analysis, Infrastructure vulnerability studies, android mobile warning dissemination and event assessment, guiding urban planning, mitigation, response and relief strategy

Modules include: Spatial Database Modelling (Oracle); Spatio-Temporal, Geostatistical and Cluster Analysis; Geovisualization; Object-Oriented Spatial Algorithms; Distributed GIS; Remote Sensing, Image Processing and Water Resource Management

University of Lagos Lagos, Nigeria, 2002-2007

Second Class Upper Division


Work Experience

Technical Account Manager for Anglophone Africa (BIM, CAD, GIS & Survey) Oct. 2019-Date

IDEATE Technologies Limited

Lead the technical knowledge space in converged workflows in the construction industry to support the Anglophone Africa Market in BIM lifecycles of plan, design, survey, build, manage & maintain. Master vendor solutions of Autodesk, Topcon & ESRI in Vertical & Complex Buildings (VCB), Process, Energy & Mining sectors; Connect Field to Office via Enterprise. Inspire & help forge the future of making things. Product mastery & support for packages & processes including Autodesk AEC Collection, BIM360, Construction Cloud, Topcon Survey Equipment, Scan to BIM, Magnet, ClearEdge3D & ESRI Suites.

Geospatial R & D Head 2017-Sept. 2019

Interspatial Technologies Limited

Developing cloud based GIS solutions for Land administration, Monitoring, Reporting & Parcel Records Management as online interactive Geospatial Platforms. Leading R&D Team while exploring new technologies

Registered Land Surveyor 2013-Date

Registered with the Surveyors Council as Land Surveyor able to practise in Nigeria. Leading the Geomatics Team and supervising survey projects. Lead Trainer on Leica Survey Equipment, processing platforms and AutoCAD Civil 3D drafting.

GIS Project Manager and Enterprise GIS Administrator 2012-2019

Responsible for managing a slew of GIS Projects being implemented for clients including State & Federal Government. Managing and deploying Oracle Databases, Web GIS Platforms using ESRI Server Offerings and overseeing personnel responsibilities

Geomatics Specialist at Interspatial 2008-2011

Partook in Mapping and Aerial Photography of Lagos State conducting Aero-Triangulation and Feature ollection on Intergraph ImageStation Suite. Geodetic Control establishment using Leica GPS and Data Processing in Leica GeoOffice. Automated drafting and digital conversion of spatial data using applications I developed.

Consultant GIS Developer Feb-March 2008

Department of Petroleum Resources

Developing GIS automation Tools for the Department of Petroleum Resources.

Intern Cartographer March–Sept 2006

Nigeria Airspace Management Agency, NAMA

Aeronautical charts creation and updating.


Recent Blog

I contribute to a blog, TechCorner Nigeria which I founded together with a few friends in the STEM sector. Below are some of my writings

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Jan 10, 2019 | Location Intel | 4


A primary aspiration of every business that has a goal of industry penetration is constant growth often through expansion of portfolio or service coverage area. Various technologies available today are being used by businesses to predict areas of potential expansion and market indicators that help with growth. One of these is the use of spatial technologies in decision support, efficient service delivery, efficient resource utilization and actionable intelligence.

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Oct 18, 2018 | Land Titling | 4


Investment in property has been known to be a good business choice especially in urbanized locations. Besides, individual goals often include the desire to build homes to inhabit and raise families. Acquiring a property however commences with finding a desirable location with vacant land up for sale. However before purchasing a property there are a few things an intending buyer needs to be aware of in order to secure his investment and ensure he isn’t falling in the hand of fraudsters. Important points to consider before making a land purchase are covered in some detail in the sections below.

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Sept 14, 2018 | GIS for Transport | 4


Phew! Who doesn’t hate getting held up in a grueling traffic. Spending time in traffic lock jams can be quite onerous and exhausting. Hence finding ways to employ smart technologies to avoid these traffic situations is always welcome. Thankfully there are quite a few smart technologies that can help people get around traffic situations or even help avoid the presence of traffic altogether. Many of these technologies revolve around Geographical Information Systems. After all, the dilemma on the quickest way to get from position A to B is in fact a geographic problem.

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